Carlos Uribe CREU Blog

 Fall 2015

Carlos Uribe

University of Illinois at Chicago

Get experience doing research work on the graduate level.  Learn D3, OpenGL, and WebGL and use the knowledge to complete a project.  Obtain experience collecting and analyzing large amount of data.  Improve my management skills, and apply my current knowledge on a real 
project.  

My plan for this summer is to acquire the needed knowledge to be comfortable working and operating the CAVE2 and SAGE2. In order to achieve this I plan to work closely with my mentor and the members of my team. Also i will attending weekly meeting at EVL. 

August 17, 2015 – October 9, 2015
Learn D3 / WebGL / OpenGL Learn about visual encoding and interactions paradigms Identify a project Establish requirements Write functional specifications 

October 12, 2015 – December 4, 2015 
Setup tools Prototype solutions Keep learning about visual encoding and interactions paradigms Evaluate prototypes Implement preliminary solution 
December 7, 2015 – January 29, 2016
Revise, design, and expand functionality Start writing paper Alpha release 
February 1, 2016 – March 25, 2016 
Extend functionality Finish writing paper Give talk about project Beta release Final report.



Visualization Analysis and Design by Tamara Muzner

  • Chapter 1    — What’s Vis, and why do it?
  • Chapter 2   — Data Abstraction
  • Chapter 3   — Why: Task Abstraction
  • Chapter 5   — Marks and Channels
  • Chapter 6   — Rules of Thumb
  • Chapter 7   — Arrange Tables
  • Chapter 8   — Arrange Spatial Data
  • Chapter 9   — Arrange Networks and Trees
  • Chapter 11  — Manipulate View
  • Chapter 12 — Facet into Multiple Views


Started to learn SAGE2 and using the CAVE2, The goal in the next few weeks is to create a house model, using the OmegaLib Library, and display it in the CAVE2.

Pict1: the group assign to work with the SciVis dataset testing the functionality of the project. here the Halos are the big whitish spheres.P1020639.jpg

Finish working on the house model, starting to work on creating a map of the USA with data about the deaths by gun, To get a closer view of the map just click once in the map. Here is the link to view the USA map.

Update: Got assign to use the data from SciVis 2015 and prepare a visualization using omega lib library and the CAVE2 environment to display the work.

The goal is to create visualization of the expansion of the universe. The Data was derived from the Dark Sky Simulation. I focus my work on the dataset called Halo Catalog, it defines a set of particles that are bound together into bigger structures. Some of the information that is part of the Dataset includes: size, position , shape, and many more. I will be using this information to make the visualization more interesting.

I started to learn more about Omegalib and the files inputs that can support also learn more about how process the data faster using shaders. I convert the data to the type .abcxy that is used by omega lib, I use yt to convert the data to the desires file of type .abcxy.

After a while of playing with the data and with color palettes that could be assign to the halos to make the visualization more fun and under stable for people that are not field relate.

The way people will interact to the 3d visualization of the expansion of the universe, is by using the main menu in the CAVE2. Al the beginning the default color for the halos expand from red to blue which it correspond formless to more.

As of right now I have a alpha model working I am  still have to add more features to the menu maybe change the color shame,


Fig2: here we can appreciate the red and blue colors that represent highest and lowest values of the properties. the white ons are the values the are in the medium range.P1020627.jpg

Update: I got some feedback from experts on the field, I spoke with Julieta Aguilera she works for the Chicago Planetarium and has experience with this type of work. She recommend some changes, such as adding a see thru effect to the halos to be able to see what is behind without going around the halo

Update: I got a poster presentation submitted to the Tapia Conference 2016, also I apply to obtain the scholarship for the conference to help me paid for some of the expenses related to the conference.

Update(3-17-16): I got an email that the poster presentation that I submitted to Tapia 2016 got Accepted, waiting for more details from the organizing team from Tapia to know what to do next.

Update(3-21-16): Starting to work in final details of the SciVis project, trying to get it ready and fully functional before the end of the semester, I should have a Beta release in a couple weeks.

Updates timeline

January 2016

Week 1

On winter break, catching up with family.

Week 2

Getting ready to go back to school. So excited!

Week 3

First week of classes. Taking VideoGame Design with advisor! For research, advisor asked me to draft a semester research plan, with goals, timeline, and deliverables. My goal is to graduate May 2016, and continue my research.

Week 4

Second week of classes. Deciding which courses to keep and which to drop.

Met with advisor, discussed my research plan, and updated it. Ready to dive back in! I will be working on the virtual reality user interface. We are also trying to package the demo and install it on the CAVE2 iPad, so it can be added permanently to the EVL demo collection.

I am preparing a poster draft for the Tapia conference. I am also applying for a Tapia fellowship — fingers crossed.

February 2016

Week 1

Distinguished lecture on visualization last week, from Claudio Silva (NYU)! He talked about Urban Data Visualization, and came to visit EVL.

Met with the team and advisor, and designed the menus for the interface. This took a few iterations.

Photo-shoot in the CAVE2 with our halo project as background, so we’d look professional and cool when going on the job market.

Finalized a separate poster on the colormaps and menus. Poster successfully submitted to Tapia!

Week 2

Finalized the VR menus for the project, and gave demo to advisor. We forgot to include the timelapse functionality! Back to coding.

Drafting the poster for the EI 2016 conference paper we are presenting. Advisor offered to help support a trip to San Francisco to the conference, but I have too much coursework to go, even  for just two days.

Week 3

Poster came out nice! Lots of pictures. Advisor says the presentation went great, and brought the poster back to us as souvenir. Met with EVL staff to discuss packaging the demo. They are very excited to have a new demo!

Week 4

Demo almost complete. Met again with Adler Planetarium astronomy expert (Julieta Aguilera)  to show her the halo demo, and she had great feedback.

March 2016

Week 1

Midterms. Proposing a serious game for the VideoGame course, inspired by my daughters.

Week 2

My Tapia poster was accepted! I am so excited, and looking forward to participating.

Wrapping up the Halos demo.

We are editing the demo videoclip for the project. The EVL staff is helping.

Week 3

The Halos demo is now installed and available under the CAVE2 iPad. The menus cover all functionality. The EVL staff took a turn through running the demo straight from the iPad and everything worked smoothly.

EVL posted our demo videoclip to the lab website, on the youtube channel. So cool! Here is the link:

Week 4

Working hard on coursework. Advisor asked us to document the halo interface. Josh got a job at Lockheed Martin — that is so exciting.

April 2016

Week 1

Helping recruit a new set of undergraduate researchers. Talked to younger classmates and so on. Catching up with my CREU online report. Getting together with our team and see how our Halo project can be used for a wide audience. Add more features on the menu and how the user can interact with the application.

Week 2

Graduation approaching! The College of Engineering is running career workshops. Classwork projects are coming out nicely. Getting ready for the CRA-W final quarterly progress report.

Week 3

Two more weeks to finish, getting final projects and reports ready for final presentations. Got an email from Tapia conference to confirm my attendance to the conference.

Week 4

Final week, sign up for graduation, finish all the projects and reports needed for my classes. Presenting our final beta release for our CS 426 class Video Game Design.



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